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Me? I'm a failure 
Professor Albert Sorel taught me the little I know 
He said you want to be what?
A diplomat 
Are you
Can you legitimately add a
famous name to your own surname? 
Then forget diplomacy 

But what'll I become? 
That's not a profession,
not yet
Travel, write, translate 
Learn to live everywhere.
Begin at once!
The future belongs to the curious!
- Jules et Jim, 1962

It’s always a challenge to label and explain what I do (or can do).

My curiosity, thirst for growth and my stubborn intuition have guided my career journey so far...

My expertise and interests lie at the intersection of business and the social sciences. Sometimes that means working on an organizational culture project in the corporate world, other times facilitating a design thinking workshop for social entrepreneurs. It might entail working 1:1 with someone as an emotional intelligence coach, or being part of a research team for a gender study. 


I’m fascinated by interpersonal and cross-cultural dynamics, and have a passion for tackling people-centered problems in organizations and in society. Any project that falls within this realm, falls within the realm of my interest. It’s what I’m passionate and endlessly curious about.


Being Dutch-Bahraini, and having lived in the Netherlands, Bahrain, US and UK, my life and career have always entailed juggling a mixture of cultures, contexts, professions, languages, and ways of thinking. And throughout it all, always following a path of curiosity and driven by a genuine desire to be a contribution in building a better world for all. 


I deeply believe it is in the in-betweens of things that the answers to our biggest questions can be found. These spaces in between is where my identity, my talents, my thoughts, and my physical being have always belonged and where they have found the most comfort. I find logic, insight, beauty, and innovation in synergy. There is a place for specialism in today’s world, and it is an important one. For me, it is in curiosity, synergy, and renaissance.


I’ve been exploring and refining my niche across business, social science, entrepreneurship, and human potential for over 15 years. And in doing so, always starting with myself. Experimenting with and working on projects that enable me to facilitate the same for others and support them on their own journeys. 


I find myself constantly pushing my edges. It scares me yet I can’t seem to help it. I always want to be growing and pushing my comfort zones. I’m dedicated to lifelong learning and I believe the possibilities are endless. In growing to greater heights of external achievement and, internally, becoming the best version of myself that I can possibly be. A better person and a better professional. 

Training highlights
Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach 
Goleman EI
Details >
Certified Cross-Cultural Dialogue Facilitator
UN Alliance of Civilizations
MBA  |  Specialization in Culture, Organizations and Social Innovation
Middlebury Institute of International Studies
Fulbright Scholarship
MPhil  |  International Development
University of Cambridge
For past roles and more details on experience, please see Linkedin or get in touch to request a CV.

“Nadia loves and appreciates knowledge and its utility, and is able to apply them in ways that aren’t as obvious to most others.”


“Nadia is always willing to change her mind, but will challenge everything first. She shows flexibility and sternness - together.” 


“I love your multiculturalism and open-mindedness. I love that you have a corporate side and a full moon meditation side.”

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